Why Choicer is revolutionary?

Choicer is a mobile application whose main purpose is to enable dynamic analysis of consumer preferences by the ability to quickly learn users’ opinions on a selected topic.

Choicer responds to the upcoming changes in the internet marketing market. With the growing need for online privacy, cookies are becoming obsolete. Google announces a withdrawal from the cookie technology available to third parties at the beginning of 2022, which will certainly change the face of remarketing.

The current system of creating a behavioral profile for an individual user will be replaced by an analysis of trends in the behavior of larger groups. In the near future, it is the membership in a "cohort" (called from marketing jargon) of a given user that will define the advertisements displayed by the web browser. Of course, detailed statistics on unique cohort identifiers will remain an extremely valuable commodity, strictly controlled by the largest players or they will become the subject of research by specialized departments of consulting companies. We offer a service that will make this specialist knowledge available in a personalized way to a wider group of small and medium-sized enterprises.

How it works?

The mechanics of the Choicer application allows you to record consumer choices based on age, gender and declared interests. During purely entertainment activities, such as placing bets or getting answers to bothering questions, users provide information about their consumer preferences. As a consequence, the collected data is used in conducting behavioral marketing analyzes or public opinion polls.

From the user's perspective, the added value is knowing the multitude of opinions of like-minded Internet users, validating their choices and satisfying their curiosity. From the perspective of marketing data analysis, we have unlimited survey potential, allowing for much more accurate determination of consumer preferences. In addition, Choicer dilemmas reach interested groups of recipients motivated to answer questions with prizes, resulting from the application mechanics.

The constant stimulation of users is based on the principle of gamification. The reach, i.e. the number of views of a given dilemma, depends on the user's activity. A transparent scoring system gives users bonuses for the assistance provided each time. Additionally, all users who staked the winning option double their bonus.

Analyzing the behavioral data provided by users, answering bothering questions according to their interests, will provide truer data than any online survey or tracking system. Choicer also solves “the survival error” that plagues classic surveys or cookies. Thanks to stratified randomisation - a statistical technique used for ex. in clinical trials - the results are resistant to covariates, which are the most common reasons for biasing the results of statistical research.

Therefore, thanks to the data flowing from Choicer, our B2B partners benefit from detailed statistics based on proven research methodologies and adapted to the changing digital marketing market.

What our customers
say about us

Choicer is an application that will help you make every decision, settle disputes or check people's opinions on any topic. Regardless of whether you are looking for the perfect profile picture for a dating site, whether you want to know the preferences of your audience, whether you want to do your own election poll, or you cannot decide which lamp to buy for your home - Choicer will answer every question! The element of anonymity and the lack of dependence on the number of friends in social media makes it a tool for everyone.

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